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CONCERN 2 . To obtain the right of appropriate political representation in Parliament.

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 “Expatriate Representation at Westminster

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A ‘position paper’ i.e. proposals for obtaining representation in Parliament can be read here --- click


Campaign for Representation at Westminster.   All expatriate British Citizens, after 15 years have no representation to the British Government.

To view an article on this visitThe Var Village Voice article”.

There is a world-wide campaign visit – Campaign for Representation

On this site visit the entry ‘To all British Expatriates’ Campaign for Representation

There is a repository of a large number of articles and radio interviews from all around the world relating to this

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ACTION FOR VOTES  A request that you write to Mark Harper MP (Minister for Constitutional Reform)

Entered April 2011.  This entry on the blogsite is most important.

.The British Citizen in Europe (click)   A further detailed exposition as to why we European expatriate British Citizens should have our own representative in Westminster;  at the very least a Minister who has our interests at heart.


The legal position of voters of all nationalities across Europe    This is a chart of all countries and the legal voting ‘rights’ of nationals to vote for their national parliament


The PARIS DECLARATION for Europeans resident in another State (click).
N.B. This is a large document 'pdf download' of more than 2MB. Read particularly paragraph 9 .


An application for judicial review - A challenge to the 15 year ruling that disenfranchises the British Citizen… 

11 March 2010.



A letter posted by ordinary mail to David Lidington, Minister in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office  January 2011.

 It follows a letter which was unanswered of September 23rd 2010.


Find Your MP…click  .  Make sure you have your ancient UK postcode or one close to it.   Those MPs which can represent you are based on UK constituencies.



Letter requesting help from people who have been refused/not entitled to vote.  (click) Posted 4/09/09

This approach appears to have died!



A Conservative view –Article reprinted from The Riviera Reporter of November 2007


The French attitude towards their own expatriates   The French Government is proposing to set up constituencies to their own parliament in Paris for representation of the expatriates in other countries.  E.G. a French parliamentary constituency in Britain.  This is a report from The Telegraph electronic edition of 17th April 2009


Various 'postings' on the blog relate to this objective.

Read, then exercise your political power. Write to your MP, a Minister, the Chancellor, or the Bank of England. Their addresses are accessible from the blog