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CONCERN  4. To achieve stability of the £ sterling.

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April 2011.  We have long been told how parlous is the state of the Euro.  Yet even as Portugal, Ireland and others have difficulties, still the £ does not climb against the Euro.


June 1st 2010. [One Euro= £0.839] This is a 50% recovery in the £ against the Euro.

The tribulations of the Euro would tend to suggest that the UK Government and Bank of England are justified in not joining the Euro-world.  Unfortunately if the £ had remained strong we elderly expatriates would all be whooping along gaily.  One still feels that if there is ever to be a true Economic Union then there has to be some stability in economic affairs.  This must mean some rigid control of all the economies of Europe.  It would seem otherwise that Europe as a unified economic experience is only a passing experiment.



October 13th.  2009 [One Euro = £0.96 ]  [Previously One Euro= £0.71]


The £ is declining rapidly. What is its future? Should we, who are both British and European citizens, be subjected to these great fluctuations? One would think that the Bank of England interest rate should match the European Central Bank - At the present time the BoE is 0.5%, the ECB is 1.0% (Oct 13th). It is surely a major factor in the decline of the £ and thus the reduction of spending power of the pensioner's income, [ £ was = 1.40 euros, it is now =1.04 euros - This is a fall of more over 25%.].

Every British retired expatriate in Europe who gets their income from Britain has been subjected to this loss of income

The British Government does not care a toss!


Economics is a dodgy art  (written back in 2008).

Eventually the £ should be subsumed in the euro but at a far more favourable rate.  Otherwise, what is the point of a European Economic Union?

Britain is, apart from Sweden, the only large nation in Europe, whose currency is not linked to the Euro.   It is a disgraceful circumstance for a nation whose leaders claim that they want to be at the Heart of Europe. 

Each one should  exercise a vote at the next election to change the Government BUT ALSO write to the Conservatives to influence that party to become a leader in Europe and to take measures to strengthen the £ and eventually link it to the Euro.  Britain does not have to adopt the Euro, but it would suffice, if like Denmark with their Krone, the £ was linked to the Euro.



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Various 'postings' on the blog relate to this objective.

Read, then exercise your political power. Write to your MP, a Minister, the Chancellor, or the Bank of England. Their addresses are accessible from the blog