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Brian and Helen

Brian is a botanist and mycologist and used to manage a field centre in England in the Forest of Dean . Helen was a teacher of French. We retired here to develop our love of France and natural history. Helen and I are particularly interested in sharing our environment with people of a like mind to us; those interested in the natural world and the charming qualities of that fragment of France which we have come to own. We can share our knowledge of nature and the landscape.

Helen has a devotion to water colour painting.

Brian writes natural history articles and is closely involved in producing botanical guides for local footpaths. He has a wide range of books on all aspects of natural history. One of his collections includes works by the great Jean-Henri Fabre, the French naturalist and father of modern behavioural research in the lives of insects.

Their daughter Rachel (at one time a teacher of maths in England) from 2010 is developing with her husband Martyn an enterprise of cut  flowers on part of the surrounding  estate.

Brian and Helen Cave
le Fourquet

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