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We are 4 kilometres from Gourdon, which is in South West France (the very north part of the Midi-Pyrénées) about 40kms north of Cahors. The countryside (known as The Bouriane) is densely wooded. Two great rivers of France are an easy distance away. The Dordogne is 20 kms to the North and a great bend of the river Lot surrounds Cahors.

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The five hectares (about 12 acres) of our own land include ancient pasture and both oak and chestnut/maritime pine woodland. You can walk amongst much more along the numerous footpaths.

Flora and Fauna

The local wildlife and plants are varied and interesting, but the jewels in the list are the orchids, butterflies and toadstools. We have found twenty six species of orchids so far. April to June are the best months to enjoy the orchids.

* Butterflies - There are many species in their seasons throughout spring and summer, Fritillaries, Blues, including the Large Blue, Scarce Swallowtail. Dryad and White Admiral are not far away.

* Toadstools can be common from July. Mycology is a special interest of ours. It is in late summer that the ceps appear, and locally in October various exhibitions are held.

* Wild roe deer explore our woods. The wild boar are about, but they are very shy. Such oddities as, for example, green lizards, white toothed shrews, are sometimes seen.

* Birds - Red Kites, Black Kites, many Buzzards, Hen Harrier, are among the raptors. Hawfinches, Serins, Cirl buntings and various species of woodpecker are common. The sounds of the Orioles, the hoopoes, and the Nightingales in their season are delightful.

A link to ‘Monthly Nature Notes’ relates to articles which appeared in the English Language Newspaper 'French News'.

A blog site dedicated to Nature is also accessible.  This gives weather reports and copies of more recent articles which have appeared in the French journals in English.

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