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natural history notes

Notes on Natural History are added from time to time.

This is Volume one ... To see Volume two click here>>>>

These are for the most part modifications of articles which appeared in the English Language Newspaper 'French News' (1999-2008).

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Butcher's Broom 

The Pasque Flower

Venus' looking glass and the Pimpernels
The Chicory

Autumn Ladies Tresses
The Maritime Pine
Narcissus requiennii
The Stinking Hellebore
Burnt tip orchid
 Ivy berries
The Banded Argiope spider
The Marsh Fritillary and the Devil's Bit Scabious
The Blackberry
The Ceterach Fern


The Wild Service Rust fungus
The Bird's Nest Fungus

Cranes and Puffballs

Clouded Yellow Butterfly
Large Blue Butterfly
Crab spider, Flesh Fly and Sweet Briar Rose
Wall Lizard
Roman snail
The Large Red Slug
The Oak Phylloxera


The Golden Oriole

The Hunters and Black Redstarts
Praying Mantis
Walnut Aphids
The Paper Wasp
The Stag Beetle
The Two-horned Osmia Bee
The Red Squirrel
The Green eyed horsefly
 The Bloody Nose beetle
The Bedeguar Rose Gall
The Gendarme Bug

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